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At Platinum24 Healthcare Corporate Support Services we also help you with:

    • Risk Assessments
    • Employment Law
    • Employment Contracts
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    Experience Superior Healthcare Management:

    Navigate the complexities of the Care industry confidently, backed by our 36 seasoned consultants.
    Our all-encompassing service offerings feature:

      • In-depth CQC Guidance tailored to your needs
      • Robust HR and Employment Law consultation
      • Detailed Health & Safety blueprints and methodologies
      • Accessible 24/7 helpline service for on-the-spot queries
      • Navigate CQC inspections effortlessly with our dedicated online platform, CQC Pro
      • An expansive library of fact sheets and cutting-edge digital tools at your fingertips
      • Custom design and critical review of contracts, handbooks, and systems ensuring precision and relevance

    Link with the crests of care industry professionals. Boasting a trusted network of over 1,000 elated clients, our proficient team ensures more than 15,000 insightful advice sessions annually. Elevate your healthcare journey with the leaders in the domain

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